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Our main concern in constructing these poppet type valves and solenoid valves is reliability.

Poppet type valves, as opposed to spool type valves, offer superior resistance to adverse operating conditions, such as dust particles in the compressed air and insufficient lubrication, and provide the only alternative for use in "at risk" systems.

One of the qualities of this type of valves is its change-over speed, which, because of the quick poppet travel, is always at least twice that of the spool type. These valves are not bistable and do not operate with closed centers. Therefore, the pilot signal must remain on as long as the valve is being commutated. The air flow inlet/outlet and exhaust ports are mandatory and do not allow normally closed (N.C.) or normally open (N.0.) 3 way valve as do the spool type valves. It is possible to have a 2 way valve without exhaust by plugging port 3 of a 3 way valve.

Ordering codes are referred to solenoid valves with M2 assembled (see Series 300, section 1). (Coils are not included and have to be ordered separately).

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