Pneumatics Northern

Valves 1/4



The main components constituting this new valves and solenoid valves series are manufactured with hight performance technopolimer. The use of technopolimer has resulted in a light weight product which can be offered to the market at very interesting prices. This valve series is manufactured with 1/4" connections.

Depending on version and actuation (manual, pneumatic, or electrical), and self aligning (pneu - elect, spring) 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 ways function, (monostable), (bistable). The gang mounted solenoid valves are available with the traditional manifold obtained from bored square bar of series 600 and with the extruded aluminium base allowing a unic inlet port conveying the exhausts. The base is also prearranged to be fixed on DIN 46277/3 guide.

The solenoid valves are supplied complete with coil so that the tension has to be added to the solenoid valve code.

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