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Valves 1/2



The new series of poppet valve and solenoid valves G1/2" and G3/4" represents the evolution of the existing and well known zama series. The main feature of this product is the material used to mould the components, a high resistance thermoplastic compound. The result of the use of this material is a light weight, *******valve which is also economically very attractive.

The new series differs from the existing also for technical and functional features, first off all the traditional lip seal fitted on the operating piston has been replaced by a rolling diaphragm, this has eliminated the friction and wear of the seal. With the exclusion of the vacuum external pilot and vacuum with internal pilot normally open version the piston is fitted with a seal which separate the port N.3 from the diaphragm this solution has enhanced the valve performances and has also allowed the use of the valve as normally open (configuration which is not available in the Zama series).

The microsolenoid operated valves, both internal and external pilot, are fitted with a quick exhaust unit, built in the microvalve. which reduces by 60% the response time of the valve during the repositioning cycle. The valves for air and for vacuum external pilot are operated by MP series pilot valves ; the vacuum valve internal pilot version are operated by MV series pilot valves. ( The MP & MV differ from the M2 & M2/V used on the Zama series for the mounting screws which on this series are self tapping for plastic). Ordering codes refer to solenoid valves with MP or MV assembled on them. Coils are not included and have to be ordered separately (see catalogue 2 series 300 section 1).

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