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Optyma32-S has been designed in order to complete the Optyma series of valves.
Optyma —S ,12.5mm size, integrates all the technical features already developed and implemented on the Optima T & F such as the integrated electrical connection.
Further technical specifications are:
- Flow rate: up to 400Nl, the solenoid pilots are low consumption and fitted on the same side of the valve
- Mono and bi-stable valves have the same dimension
- Easy and fast assembly on the sub base thanks to the "one screw" mounting solution
- Possibility to replace a valve without the need of disconnecting the pneumatic pipes
- Electrical and pneumatic connections positioned on the same side I
- Possibility to operate with different pressures and vacuum
- Quick coupling connections for consumption, exhaust and air supply all on the same side
- Management of 32electrical signals,( 16 bi-stable or any combination off mono and bi-stable valves up to max 32 signals).
- The electrical connection is achieved thanks to a 37 pole connector, as an alternative it is possible to use a 25 pole connector which can handle a maximum of 22 electrical signals.
- The protection grade is IP65 directly integrated in the manifold components.
- Manifolds can be directly integrated with the most common field bus systems.


Main characteristics
One size:12.5mm thick
Mono stable and bistable valves with same dimensions
Modular subbase with two positions
Modular subbases assembled via tie rods
Quick coupling connections directly integrated in the sub base
Integrated and optimised electrical connections as standard
IP65 protection grade as standard

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