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Valves Solenoid Plug In 1/4



Pneumax is introducing the latest evolution of the 2400 series, new base mounted line including electrical connection into the manifold.
Many technical features make the new product interesting:
- Flow rate of 1000 NI/min
- Low consumption coils placed all in one side of the valve
- Quick mounting of the valve to the base using just one screw
- Quick connection of the bases thanks to 180 degree rotating pins
- Possibility to use different pressures along the manifold (including vacuum)
- IP65 environmental protection
- Electrical connection directly integrated into the base, 32 electrical signals available (can be used to build up a manifold of 32 monostable valves, 16 bistable valves or any combination within that limit).

The electrical connection is made via 37 pin SUB-D connector. Possibility to integrate with Field Bus modules (all the most common protocols will Possibility to connect input modules (even on the base that does not have the Field Large use of technopolymer material reduces the overall weight of the manifold.

Main characteristics

Integrated and optimised electrical connection system
IP65 protection degree
Only one 19mm size
Electrical line connections on one side
Monostable and bistable solenoid valves with the same size
Easy and fast manifold assembly

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