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It is not unusual that, during some applications the thrust generated by a pneumatic cylinder is not sufficient for the specific purpose it has been designed for.

In order to get over the problem, the working pressure may be increased to a maximum line pressure which normally is 6 - 7 bar; alternatively the problem is solved by an higher bore cylinder that suits the machine. Three size pressure boosters, with pressure ratio of 1 - 2, have been designed to avoid these problems. This device is utilising the compressed air of the circuit where it is installed.

Construction and Working Characteristics

The working method is based on the pump effect of the four chambers cylinder as shown in fig. 1. Two chambers are alternatively compressing the air in the boost one, while the fourth one is discharging. By means of an internal circuit, the pressure booster keeps on pumping air till the down stream pressure reaches a value double the inlet pressure.

In these circumstances there is a balance condition. When the down stream pressure decreases, the pressure booster starts again its alternating cycle till a new balance condition is restored.

The pressure booster can be furnished complete with pressure regulator installed on the inlet port forgetting an accurate outlet pressure value. A wall mounting plate is also available.

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