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One-Touch Fittings

Functional One-Touch design facilitates an instant tubing connection. Elliptical sleeve configuration is ideal for Pneumatic installations in a confined space. Simple manual pressure on the elliptical sleeve results in an instant tubing disconnection. Nickel-plated metallic body provides resistance against corrosion and contamination over time.(optional) Teflon-coated thread requires no additional sealing. Various models are available in both inch and metric sizes

Compact One-Touch Fittings

The smallest pneumatic fittings in the world. In fact, the volume is 40% less and the outside diameter is 20% less in comparison to those of the standard type. Compact One-Touch Fittings are specially designed for pneumatic installations in equipment that are small and compact in size.

Speed Controllers

Speed Controllers precisely permit the optimal rate of airflow for the smooth cylinder movement of a driving device. The compact design provides a comparable range of speed as the larger standard speed controllers do. Compact and light body is suitable for pneumatic applications where space is at a minimum. Unidirectional airflow is available for either exhaust or inlet flow control methods.

Rotary Joints

Two embedded bearings better accommodate high speed rotation and swinging of pneumatic connections. Built in bearing accommodates the rotation and swinging of pneumatic connections. Rotary joints are constructed to fairly withstand the vibration or tubing movements.

Stop Fittings

The double-passage mechanism of stop Fittigs completely prevent the airflo upon the tubing disconnection and reinitiates the airflow upon the tubing reconnection. The complete prevention of airflow upon the tubing disconnection provides safety when repairing the pneumatic equipment. Stop Fittings are ideal for the demonstration or the testing of pneumatic connections

Check Values

Check Valves only permit the uni-directional airflow at a constant pressure and prevent the airflow in the opposite direction. Check Valves allow the pneumatic connections under low operating pressure conditions

Ball Valves

Ball Valves are suitable for pneumatic applications in the completely open or closed positions. Depending on application conditions, the highly inert PPS resin body construction allows air or water services. The sectional dimension of the compact body in proportional to the tube size optimises flow and efficiency. Specially designed handle enables increased turning leverage for easy opening and closing.

Hand Valves

The Hand Valves are designed to regulate air flow manually. When closed, the three-way control valve prevents incoming air and discharges the residual air on the output side. Hand Valves are useful in checking or repairing the devices in a safe manner

Air Gun

Available in 3 different nozzle lengths Easy to consistently regulate the variable air flow Ergonomically designed and lightweight Impact resistant plastic bod

Nylon 11 Tube

Nylon 11 tubing is made from a semi-rigid high strength material without plasticisers, to provide better resistance against chemicals, high ambient temperature, and moist absorption. High tensile strength of Nylon 11 material provides optimal usage under conditions of high pressure, temperature, and vibration. Used for: Lubricating Systems, Marine Controls Systems, and Chemical and Oil Process Lines

Polyurethane Tube

Polyurethane tubing is made from a high quali ty polymer that exhibits the characteristics of elasticity and chemical resistance. Polyurethane material has the exceptional physical properties of durability and anti-abrasion, yet flexible and ideal for various critical pneumatic applications. Used for: Air Tools, Industrial Robotics, Pneumatic Systems, and Lubricating System

Ace Coupler

Uni-directional shut-off coupler with an automatic shutoff valve built in the socket. Recommend for piping of compressed air connections

Minor Coupler

Light and easy to use it because it’s made by zinc. Various kind of use is available like as connecting & piping.

HP Coupler

Bi-directional shut off coupler with an automatic shut off valve built in the socket and plug. Recommended for piping of chemicals, steam and oil

Mold Coupler

Quick assembly by one touch system. Uni-directional shut-off coupler with an automatic shut-off valve built in the socket. Useful in a narrow space with O.D.(18.5 ). Easy to connect or disconnect between cork and hole with long sleeve construction

Two-Touch Fittings

The lock-nut mechanism provides exceptional resistance to vibration and piping movements. Proper tightening with the lock-nut ensures pneumatic connections with no air leakage. Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-contamination properties against foreign substances. The plastic composition has non-magnetic properties with longer product life.

Main Blocks

Various combinations of manifold blocks may be constructed for concentrated branching. Main Blocks provide comparable flow rates to steel piping.


Silencers are effective in reducing noise generated by ST 01 the release of pressurised air through the exhaust port. The plastic material provides corrosion resistance, light weight, longer product life, low replacement cost, and easy cleaning with soap or solvents. A unique design minimises the interference in relation to the surrounding pneumatic installations.

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